Hes-so Valais



With its ten degree programmes and nine research institutes, the HES-SO Valais-Wallis is a leading hub of skills and innovation, preparing students for the world of work with courses that place the emphasis on the practical. The HES-SO Valais-Wallis has over 2,800 students and is made up of five schools.




The School of Management offers three degree programmes:

  • Business Information Technology, which trains professionals whose task will be to analyse and use an evergrowing body of information.
  • Business Administration, which trains specialists in the modern economy.
  • Tourism, a course with over 30 years’ experience offering studies in French, English and German.

The School of Engineering also offers three degree programmes:

  • Systems Engineering, which concentrates on mechanical engineering, materials, design, electricity, electronics and IT.
  • Life Technologies, which specialises in food technology, biotechnology and analytical chemistry.
  • Energy and Environmental Engineering, a degree programme divided between the canton of Vaud and Valais, where students concentrate on renewable energies and smart grids (the production, transport and distribution of electric current).

The School of Health Sciences offers two degree programmes:

  • Nursing Science, taught in French at Sion and in German at Visp.
  • Physiotherapy, a bilingual course based in Leukerbad, which trains rehabilitation professionals and results in a bilingual diploma.

The School of Social Work

  • The school trains professionals responsible for and committed to social justice, self-determination for vulnerable people and the development of community links.

The School of Arts


Mandates and partners of the HES-SO Valais-Wallis

  • Advanced Diplomas of Higher Education in Child Education and Agogical Workshop Supervision
  • Complementary modules
  • Specialised baccalaureate in Health